Why Your Blog is Failing (and How to Fix It)

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blog post ideas 2016

It’s no secret that creating remarkable content is a vital component to becoming an effective inbound marketer.

And a great way to do that is through a blog.

blog post ideas 2016
55 killer blog post ideas for 2016

Blogging will establish you as a thought leader in your market. Blog posts give website visitors and potential customers a way to engage with your brand.

And they help improve your search engine rankings.

But only a few blogs are actually successful.

The majority are ineffective and therefore basically invisible.

Fear not though…

There are several things you can focus on to help you achieve a visible and optimized blog.

6 Ways To Improve Your Blogging in 2016

  1. SEO – Its important to find the right balance of keywords in order to make your content worthwhile for search engines. Also, the keyword should be placed in the anchor text of the title, headings and meta description.
  2. Target Audience – Pick a niche market and define your target. Interact and connect with your audience. Really get to know them.
  3. Personality – Incorporate your personality and ideas and passions into your blog. Become an expert on your niche and all that you know without being concerned about the money.
  4. Content – Provide readers with more valuable content than your competitors. Make sure its interesting, unique, and relevant. Reliable content is shareable content.  And, also make sure you include your keywords in your content.
  5. Layout – People are initially impacted by visuals before content. The key to a clear layout is to use headings and titles, keep paragraphs to 3 lines or less, use bullets to break up text, and add images and spacing.
  6. SharingSocial media is an integral part of online marketing so don’t forget to include share buttons on your posts.  Link your blog to all social media platforms and share your posts to all channels.

It is important to be consistently committed to the blog.

Meaning that the blog needs to be updated with new high quality content at least once a week. And while content is essential, it is also important that the blog is visually attractive.

Focusing on the topics above will help make your blog successful. Time, willpower and involvement are essential to developing a successful blog.

If you need more help with this, here’s a free blog post template for content marketers in 2016.

blog post template 2016
[Download] The Ultimate Blog Post Template for 2016

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