What’s new in Android Studio 2.3 – Android Tool Time

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In this video Wojtek Kaliciński shows the notable new features of Android Studio 2.3: improvements to Instant Run, layout editor changes …


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  1. Jared RummlerJared Rummler03-20-2017

    Where can I buy that shirt?

  2. Uriel FrankelUriel Frankel03-20-2017

    do yourself a favor and use Facebook buck

  3. Vizzca IndraVizzca Indra03-20-2017

    When i'am update my android studio from version 2.2 to 2.3 and i have an error DELETE_FAILED_INTERNAL_ERROR when i compile my source to device android (2 device) . but error is solved in emulator.

    I hope you can give me a good advice. 🙂
    *nice feature for android studio 2.3 ^^/

  4. Kishan GohelKishan Gohel03-20-2017

    After updating to 2.3 version instant run gives error and i am not able to launch my application on my device

  5. rahul vyasrahul vyas03-20-2017

    memory usage too much,visual studio build like 10 time faster.

  6. a9595100a959510003-20-2017

    Great video!

  7. Rafael DuarteRafael Duarte03-20-2017

    that's why i love android!

  8. Mesut PişkinMesut Pişkin03-20-2017

    Good job jetbrains

  9. Avinash singhAvinash singh03-20-2017

    whats your name again? :p

  10. Ishan FernandoIshan Fernando03-20-2017

    cool. good work team android

  11. Mark RowellMark Rowell03-20-2017

    How can I change the color of the blueprint back to the normal one? http://prntscr.com/efu6og

  12. AveeuxAveeux03-20-2017

    Hi, my name is Woyakldnf!@#wodi12aneo5fnasisdna82dnifa Kalig5d345fkjgnhdfog456&ndfgodfski

  13. For Me After Updating,
    The Apps Doesn't Load
    And When I Try To Create New Ones
    It Just says Building "Hello World" Gradle project info
    I Even Re-Installed It But The Problem Persists
    Please Help!

  14. K BK B03-20-2017

    el polaco ! 😀

  15. ThemusicaligeraThemusicaligera03-20-2017

    Greate updates!!!!! You guys are awesome!!!

  16. wissem zaghdoudiwissem zaghdoudi03-20-2017

    what is the caracteristique of your mac?

  17. Alan NudiAlan Nudi03-20-2017

    Nexus S 😀

  18. InvestiGATORInvestiGATOR03-20-2017

    whats new in AS 2.3, is that even a clean install with a standard drawer activity app creation gives rendering issues and i lost 4 days of my life trying all kind of suggestions on the web to solve it. no luck. how comes default functions dont work on a clean install on an updated w10 64.

  19. I installed android studio 2.3 successfully. But when I am going to run android studio it is not opening. How can I run studio

  20. BoxingHackerBoxingHacker03-20-2017

    can y'all fully support Kotlin out. the box. that's what I'm waiting for. The Java 6.5 Universe is to limited

  21. Vikingpy geniusVikingpy genius03-20-2017

    steroid or natural ? mm..

  22. Please do something for layout folder.. We need to create sub folder. Sometimes i get lost.. 🙁 🙁

  23. Hey! I just want your t-shirt.

  24. Abhishek SAbhishek S03-20-2017

    how do i update to gradle 3.3

  25. Eido AskayoEido Askayo03-20-2017

    Sounds awesome.

    You didn't fix the "I-have-no-idea-how-much-does-it-takes" Refreshing Gradle Project process, when download new Gradle distribution using the wrapper approach, which misleading the user whether it is stuck or downloading.

  26. I have recently updated android studio from 2.2.3 to 2.3 and now can't see option of Launch Standalone SDK Manager???????!!! help me

  27. MrSupashevaMrSupasheva03-20-2017

    The new update builds APKs differently. you have to select both V1(Jar signature) and V2(Full APK Signature). I didn't notice it at all because before it used to just build without those options. Why the change though?

  28. Mohit SinghMohit Singh03-20-2017

    after updating gradle 2.3 shows on error on recyclerview.. why and how to solve this

  29. sadzolot2sadzolot203-20-2017

    Wojtek mógłbyś dać polskie napisy 😉

  30. Mr. MeseeksMr. Meseeks03-20-2017

    What about making emulator devices rooted by default so we can access the data/data directory without all that command line -mount Foo?

  31. Mikey FinggazMikey Finggaz03-20-2017

    Why is this so painfully slow even without emu running, AS has a huge delay when klicking on stuff wtf

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