What’s new in Android Studio 2.3 – Android Tool Time

In this video Wojtek Kaliciński shows the notable new features of Android Studio 2.3: improvements to Instant Run, layout editor changes …


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31 Replies to “What’s new in Android Studio 2.3 – Android Tool Time”

  1. When i'am update my android studio from version 2.2 to 2.3 and i have an error DELETE_FAILED_INTERNAL_ERROR when i compile my source to device android (2 device) . but error is solved in emulator.

    I hope you can give me a good advice. 🙂
    *nice feature for android studio 2.3 ^^/

  2. For Me After Updating,
    The Apps Doesn't Load
    And When I Try To Create New Ones
    It Just says Building "Hello World" Gradle project info
    I Even Re-Installed It But The Problem Persists
    Please Help!

  3. whats new in AS 2.3, is that even a clean install with a standard drawer activity app creation gives rendering issues and i lost 4 days of my life trying all kind of suggestions on the web to solve it. no luck. how comes default functions dont work on a clean install on an updated w10 64.

  4. Sounds awesome.

    You didn't fix the "I-have-no-idea-how-much-does-it-takes" Refreshing Gradle Project process, when download new Gradle distribution using the wrapper approach, which misleading the user whether it is stuck or downloading.

  5. The new update builds APKs differently. you have to select both V1(Jar signature) and V2(Full APK Signature). I didn't notice it at all because before it used to just build without those options. Why the change though?

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