Tutorial for WordPress: Connect Your Blog to Twitter Using Publicize

The Value of This Tutorial

The value of social media to a web site’s search-engine friendliness cannot be emphasized enough. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason for this tutorial.

I like to think of social media, as dozens upon dozens of platforms available (mainly at low- or no-cost) where you can create content that links back to your web site.

The Impact

At the end of 1Q 2016, Twitter had 313 MILLION followers. This statistic alone makes this tutorial worth the while.

Twitter is especially gainful, because it caters to the human dogma of this century, which is absorption of the information we relay in short sound (or data-) bites. You say what you’re going to say, and get out!

Case-in-point: At Codango.com, I publish the title of a post, as well as a link, comfortably in the limited space of a Tweet. One of my Twitter followers sees the title… and if they are interested? They click it to read the posted article or other resource.

A Tutorial on How to Connect Your Blog to Twitter with Publicize
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As everyone is aware, WordPress dominates the blog and content management market. For good reason. WordPress is the most flexible, extensible CMS and Blog platform on the market. This tutorial is a value-ad for you as a blogger and webmaster, because it will expand your site’s visibility and visitor impressions almost immediately. Your blog’s connectivity with the various social media is a branch of SEO, and you cannot overlook this branch! Your competitors will destroy you with this simple tactic. It is simple to do, and you can make most of this happen with automation and smart rules.

Using this tutorial, you can learn how to share blog posts directly on Twitter from your WordPress.com or Jetpack-enabled WordPress site. This step-by-step video will walk you through it, which will allow you to post to Twitter, hands-off! You create an SEO-friendly post on your blog. When you post your article, moments later… it posts a Tweet! This tool allows you to introduce some automation into your processes. You become more efficient, and that impacts your bottom line. When that happens, you can impact your customers’ bottom line. That is how we define business success and that is why we are here!


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