Those Annoying Fake WordPress User Registrations

Has this happened to you? If you are a WordPress site user, you may have noticed that you often get a bunch of fake WordPress user accounts when you enable user registration. I have often searched for a smart, non-intrusive solution to this, without major surgery to a WordPress implementation – that could easily become undone with the next WordPress update.

Users Ultra Pro is the solution. I highly recommend you read up on them. After careful review of the incredible number of settings and control they offer – I can safely say – this is no longer a problem. In addition to having an exhausting user enrollment / validation process WITH CAPTCHA.. they also enable your users to enroll using a variety of Social Media authentication methods.

For saving us tons of work and allowing us additional functionality, we grant Users Ultra Pro a:


*Note to readers. The picture of a thumb, above, does not in any way resemble anyone’s thumb at Codango. Just putting that out there.

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