Codango™ Means “Coding”. No, I Mean, Literally!!!!!

Codango™ is “Coding” in the Nyanja (Chinyanja) language, also known as Chewa (Chichewa) after the largest tribe speaking it. It is a Bantu language spoken by over 15 million people Continue ReadingCodango™ Means “Coding”. No, I Mean, Literally!!!!!

Libreria CFDi C# VB.NET ASP.NET – Genera y Lee XML

Librería para CFDi 3.3 Código fuente para generar, sellar y leer XML de CFDi … source

ASP.NET Web API and RESTful Services with ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET Core is a modern Web framework for building both Web UI and Web APIs. In this talk I’ll show you how you can easily build secure Web APIs for Continue ReadingASP.NET Web API and RESTful Services with ASP.NET Core

WP Ultimate CSV Importer – Import your CSV/XML into WordPress

WP Ultimate CSV Importer is a WordPress plugin to import your Post, Page, Custom Post, WooCommerce, MarketPress, etc. CSV or XML into WordPress. source

How to create ASP.NET validation Thats right! No Coding required baby. Just see it to believe it. Dot Net should be NO threat to you. It is a piece of cake!! Enjoy your … Continue ReadingHow to create ASP.NET validation