Get the advantages of TypeScript without transpiling

Microsoft’s TypeScript programming language brings many of the advantages of static typing to JavaScript. Although it doesn’t enforce types at runtime, it enables richer static analysis, encourages more safety, and opens the door for better IDE integration. TypeScript code is Continue reading Get the advantages of TypeScript without transpiling

Flash Daily: Actionscript 3 & Typescript: Tetris Source of…

Source of the game Tetris, developed in some different programming languages such as Actionscript and TypeScript, following the micro architecture Robotlegs. Actionscript 3: StarlingFW, Robotlegs, Palidor, FlexUnit. Typescript: Pixi, RobotlegsJs, RobotlegsJs-Pixi, PalidorJs.  Read the entire article at the source link… flashdailyexpert

RESTful API In Node & Express With TypeScript & MongoDB

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Building web apps powered by Angular 2.x using Visual Studio 2017

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Visual Studio Code: A Deep Dive on the Redefined Code Editor for OS X, Linux and Windows

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💥 What is A Single Page Application ? Why SPAs might Become Much More Frequent?

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Aflevering 54 – .NET Core Serie – SPA met ASP.NET Core Javascript Services

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Angular 2 Core Concepts : Using Decorators to Build and Style a Simple Component |

This playlist/video has been uploaded for Marketing purposes and contains only selective videos. For the entire video course and code, visit []. source