Primary Flight Training: “Before You Fly” 1945 US Navy Pilot Training Film; Robert Taylor

more at World War II US Navy Training Film MN-3474b Pilot Training Playlist: … source

Training for Both New and Established Web Developers!

Okay, so we’re a little jaded. We are all web and database developers. We have been since before Y2K, you know… when the world was supposed to fall apart? Well, we all made it! We’ve gone from experimenting with CGI Continue reading Training for Both New and Established Web Developers!

PowerPoint 2013 Training – Creating a Presentation – Part 1 – PowerPoint 2013 Tutorial

Get my free 3 hour course for PowerPoint 2013 course. Get 19 training videos to help you learn MS PowerPoint 2013. Click here to get the free course: … source

PHP/Laravel – Building a forum like website from scratch (tut 1)

This is the 1st tutorial of the series. In this series we will be creating a website sort of like stackoverflow which will allow users to post code related questions and … source

Inserting Data from a Web Page using ASP.NET and a Stored Procedure Tutorial

Easily insert data from a web page into a table using a stored procedure and Visual Studio 2008 and ASP.NET. Also useful for Visual Studio 2010. source

IP Addresses and Subnetting

This is an introduction to IPv4 addressing and Subnetting. But the same method can be used for IPv6. (Please excuse the quality of this video…it is old and it was … source