What’s Holding Back Enterprise Security Technology Transformation?

Last week, I wrote a blog about the rapid cycle of innovation happening with security technologies today – I’ve never experienced a time when every element of the security stack is transforming. New security technologies are arriving at an opportune Continue reading What’s Holding Back Enterprise Security Technology Transformation?

Webinar – A Beginners Guide to Odoo Inventory

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PHP/Laravel – Building a forum like website from scratch (tut 13)

This is the 13th tutorial of the series. In this series we will be creating a website sort of like stackoverflow which will allow users to post code related questions … source

Creating a New Brain from Scratch on your Android Device

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Awesome Hardware #0002A – Hybrid TV-Video Game, GTA V Delayed, Swordfighting

PART B on Kyle’s Channel: http://youtu.be/fnlX5w-Vfok My Store: http://store.paulshardware.net OPEN DESCRIPTION FOR LINKS & TABLE OF CONTENTS … source

VB.NET: Creating an editable label control

In this tutorial I will be discussing how to create a label that has an editable field. This type of control is useful for office/business applications where information … source