SUSE pushes open source SDS as solution to vendor lock-in

Add to favorites Kubernetes, Software Defined Storage, and a closer relationship with SAP all revealed at SUSECON. The recently 25 year old company SUSE is hoping that its open source based Software Defined Storage (SDS) can break customer lock-in. SUSE Continue reading SUSE pushes open source SDS as solution to vendor lock-in

Hat’s off for the new open source storage solution in town

Add to favorites Red Hat has released new storage solutions, how will they benefit customers using cloud storage? Red Hat has announced the release of its newest solution, the Red Hat Container-Native Storage 3.6. The latest version of the Storage Continue reading Hat’s off for the new open source storage solution in town

Flash Daily: Actionscript 3 & Typescript: Tetris Source of…

Source of the game Tetris, developed in some different programming languages such as Actionscript and TypeScript, following the micro architecture Robotlegs. Actionscript 3: StarlingFW, Robotlegs, Palidor, FlexUnit. Typescript: Pixi, RobotlegsJs, RobotlegsJs-Pixi, PalidorJs.  Read the entire article at the source link… flashdailyexpert

VB.Net Rat FUD Source Code (by MrFleischery) + Download

New Download Link HOT*****: This RAT is coded by MrFleischery for test purposes! Its not legal to install this software on a computer … source

C Programming Tutorial 1 – Intro to C

This is your series on C programming and computer science for beginners. If you are completely new to C, this series is for you! What is C? C is an example of a … source

Electric Bike 3-Phase BLDC Hub Motor Controller Home Build Open Source Project Part #1-Prototype PCB

I have been very pleased with my DAYMAK AUSTIN electric motor bike. This is the fourth season of riding around the city streets and local highways. I have had … source

Vortex Browser – Advanced Tabbed Browser | VB.NET/C# | with Source Code

A WebBrowser App made using VB.NET/C#! Current Version: v1.0.0.0 General user experience: • Advanced Tabs • Uses Awesomium Browser • Flat and simple … source

Google Weather Forecaster | v2.0.0.0 | VB.NET/C# | No API | with Source Code

A Google Weather App without using API made using VB.NET/C#! Current Version: v2.0.0.0 Get the taste of these new features in this version: • New Icon for … source

VB.NET: Properties (Visual Basic 2008/2010/2012)

In this tutorial I will discuss how to use properties to allow easy editing of certain variables through the “visual editor” of visual basic. This will also allow others to … source