Best Practices to Secure Company Domain Names

Last month an Arizona man was sentenced for holding his former employer’s domain name hostage and asking for $10,000 to return the domain name. The man managed the domain name for the company when he was an employee there. He Continue reading Best Practices to Secure Company Domain Names

Force Redirect to HTTPS on Your WordPress Website for all Visitors

Having an SSL certificate is a must if you want display trust to users so when you go through the trouble of getting one and updating your URLs to https you want … source

Mehr Sicherhheit durch “Hide my WP” WordPress Plugin | WordPress verstecken [2016/DEUTSCH]

Heute zeige ich “Hide my WP” ein Plugin, mit dem Ihr WordPress verstekcne könnt und dadurch auch mehr Sicherheit bekommt! ↓↓↓ Folgt mir↓↓↓ … source