Codango Means “Coding”. No, I Mean, Literally!!!!!

Codango is “Coding” in the Nyanja (Chinyanja) language, also known as Chewa (Chichewa) after the largest tribe speaking it. It is a Bantu language spoken by over 15 million people in Southern Africa. #coding #codango #developer #development #jsp #aspnet #php Continue reading Codango Means “Coding”. No, I Mean, Literally!!!!!

Learning Python for PL/SQL Developers – Part 3

Learning PYTHON for PL/SQL developers is a 5 part tutorial series that teaches PYTHON by comparing to operations that PL/SQL developers are familiar with. source

OPEN-SOURCE PROJECT: Remote exploit of wheelchair R-Net protocol and so can you

A quick tutorial on how to use our code and a Raspberry PI 3 to remote control a power-wheelchair with WIFI. Power-wheelchair: Permobil M300 GitHub: … source

Mac OS X Python Tutorial: Part 1- Prerequisites & Getting Started [HD]

Python is a wonderful programming language that is easy to learn. It is a scripting language but is more of a challenge than AppleScript. I decided to create … source