Why C# is the Best Programming Language

Do you know why C# is the best programming language? C# is one of the best programming languages because it goes from the micro to the macro. I do not … source

Is Computer Programming Hard to Learn ?

The most incredible video about Programming ! https://code.org/ Launched in 2013, Code.org® is a non-profit dedicated to expanding participation in computer … source

PHP Extension Development for Beginners with Joe Watkins

In our very first screencast episode Edd is lucky to chat with PHP core developer Joe Watkins, discussing PHP 5 and 7 Extension Development for Beginners. source

Haskell for fast, concurrent, robust services

Twitter tech talk, November 10, 2015. Slides available at: http://snoyberg.github.io/generated/2015-11-10-twitter-haskell-fast-concurrent-robust-services.html#/ source

#39: Getting your first dev job as a Python developer (part 1)

How often do you meet people who are looking to get into the software development space? Do they ask you for advice? Maybe they want to know your story of … source

Spring Boot Support in IntelliJ IDEA 14.1

01:52 – Using Spring Initializr from the Project wizard 04:14 – Creating a JPA entity and Spring Data repository 06:39 – Running a Spring Boot application 08:15 … source

Best Programming Apps for Android

I want to know the best programming apps for Android. I’ve heard that Terminal IDE is a good expandable terminal application that lets you work with everything … source

[VB.NET] Save RichTextBox content to a file [Codes in the description!]

[Visual Basic.NET] Save RichTextBox content to a file [Codes in the description!] The codes are on the PasteBin.Com! You can get them for free from this link: … source


Bootcamps vs. Learning Solo & The FASTEST Way To Learn Ruby On Rails Follow me for motivation: http://twitter.com/dainmiller Welcome to the podcast! source