Jan Monschke: Using the web for music production and for live performances | JSConf EU 2014

The introduction of the Web Audio API has enriched the web landscape enormously. It gives game developers the ability to add precisely timed, high performant … source

Emily Stark: Meteor – A Full Stack Framework For Building Pure JavaScript Apps – JSConf.Asia 2013

“Meteor is an open-source full-stack framework for building modern web applications. Apps written in this style — like Google Plus and the photo browser in … source

Brennan Novak: Secure Crypto for Browser Based Apps | JSConf EU 2014

Between Snowden’s NSA leaks prompting more secure communication and the rise of cryptocurrencies- software with secure cryptography as a core component … source

Raquel Vélez: Evolution of a Developer | JSConf EU 2014

The road to JavaScript expertise is hard, but easy to forget. Let’s go back to the beginning and work our way to the top, reminding ourselves of the struggle (but Continue ReadingRaquel Vélez: Evolution of a Developer | JSConf EU 2014