Supercharge Foundation with Foundation Building Blocks

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Zero to Website | Part 2: Digging Into Foundation’s Starter Package

Frameworks are a great resource to start with when building your site because they include a boilerplate, a CSS reset, a grid and pre-built UI components. source

JavaScript modules, CSS properties and JS code style: #1.21 the latest News (the Good Parts)

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🚨 !!RELEASE ALERT!! 🚨 Foundation 6.4 (XY Grid, New JavaScript, Prototyping, and So Much More!)

Foundation 6.4 has arrived. It has a slew of updates, including a brand new grid! The all-new XY Grid is a Flexbox-based grid inspired by CSS Grid, so it’s usable … source

Advanced JavaScript, Regular expressions and UX: #1.14 the latest News (of the Frontend)

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How To Hide WordPress Toolbar in FrontEnd

Easy Tutorial, How To Hide WordPress Toolbar Whe Viewing FrontEnd Site. Know More / Leave a Comment here Let’s Connect! source

#12 Flexbox e Finalizando Página Inicial – Criando um Site Responsivo do Começo ao Fim

Patrocínio: Plugge Cursos Online de Web Design, Design Gráfico, Motion Design e Games (use o cupom “hxtutors” e ganhe 20% de desconto na assinatura … source

Frontend Best Practices, Tools & Trends – Jan Deppisch – AOE conf 2016

Jan Deppisch, Frontend-Entwickler bei AOE, gibt einen Überblick über das Thema Frontend-Entwicklung mit Tipps für Best Practices und Tools. source

frontend and backend of facebook – 2 Things That Most People Don’t Know

Facebook is the most visited social networking site. But Do You Know?What are the Frontend and backend technology of FACEBOOK. Facebook’s backend … source