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If you’re stuck in a job you hate and have dreams of becoming a designer and working in a creative role that fills you with excitement daily, the road to entering this completely new industry can feel daunting. Making a Continue reading Which Type Of Education Is Best For You? – Smashing Magazine

Primary Flight Training: “Before You Fly” 1945 US Navy Pilot Training Film; Robert Taylor

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Benefits to ENDING Net Neutrality in 60 sec

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Hacking language learning: Benny Lewis at TEDxWarsaw

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Exotic Shotgun Ammunition: “Rounds of Authority” 1997 FLETC Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

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Carl Sagan on the Mariner 9 Mars Orbiter: “The Search Begins” 1974 NASA-JPL

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MANTIS MURDER SHRIMP (Slow Motion) – Smarter Every Day 121

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