#Love4Dev – Seeing what others create in web development with Paul Lewis

What’s Paul Lewis’ passion? Seeing what others have created for the open web. Share your own & tag w/ #love4dev #io16 Watch more developers talk about … source

Join The Mozilla Developer Roadshow! – Smashing Magazine

We love exploring opportunities. While many of us are quite familiar with publications and events surrounding us, we often lack the global perspective on what’s happening in the web industry across the world. For example, do you know what the Continue reading Join The Mozilla Developer Roadshow! – Smashing Magazine

Codango Means “Coding”. No, I Mean, Literally!!!!!

Codango is “Coding” in the Nyanja (Chinyanja) language, also known as Chewa (Chichewa) after the largest tribe speaking it. It is a Bantu language spoken by over 15 million people in Southern Africa. #coding #codango #developer #development #jsp #aspnet #php Continue reading Codango Means “Coding”. No, I Mean, Literally!!!!!

Providing Search with SearchView (Android Development Patterns Ep 7)

SearchView is the standard interface for providing in app search for your Android app. SearchView is available via AppCompat and available back to Android … source

SMS Verification Codes made Easy on Android!

In this video, Laurence Moroney (@lmoroney) takes you through the process of using the SMS Retriever API on Android. This API lets your app automatically … source

How to Write a Developer CV/Resume That Will Get You Hired

A coder/developer at work (Source: https://pixabay.com/en/webdesigner-coder-html-css-html5-2443766/) As a developer, you are often tasked with the job of writing a resume so as to attract recruiters and hiring managers of several companies. Doing this exercise can be very daunting and if Continue reading How to Write a Developer CV/Resume That Will Get You Hired

C Programming Tutorial 1 – Intro to C

This is your series on C programming and computer science for beginners. If you are completely new to C, this series is for you! What is C? C is an example of a … source

Introduction to Developing Websites on the Salesforce Platform

You can build the world’s best Force.com app for internal employees, but now you are being asked to deliver a Customer Community or a Marketing Website. source

Learn To Become A Developer Today

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