Command Line Tools for Developers

By Piotr Gaczkowski – Freelance Software Engineer @ Toptal In today’s online world, the battle to attract users continues to rage on, with app makers preferring either mobile or web apps. Desktop applications are becoming less and less relevant. Moreover, Continue reading Command Line Tools for Developers

Announcing AWS Amplify and the AWS Mobile CLI

The JavaScript ecosystem is thriving. Every day there are new use cases and functionality across web and mobile ecosystems. Developers are building highly interactive and functional applications across social, consumer, and enterprise spaces. We’ve spent a lot of time talking Continue reading Announcing AWS Amplify and the AWS Mobile CLI

Web Server Project — 03 Configuring mySQL and nginx, installing WordPress

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Launch: A New, Project-Based System Administration Course

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Web Server Project — 02 Setting up MySQL and PHP

Here’s how to get your database and interpreter set up for hosting an application on the LAMP/LEMP stack (Linux / Apache/Nginx / MySQL / PHP). This is … source