Wordcamp Dublin is All About Community [Audio]

It’s only fair to share…000 The First Wordcamp Belfast, held at Queens University in 2016. WordCamp Dublin is on in DCU this weekend This week’s Blacknight Podcast is all about WordCamp Dublin which is on this weekend in DCU Business Continue reading Wordcamp Dublin is All About Community [Audio]

A Breakthrough Year for IndieCork Film Festival [Audio]

It’s only fair to share…6300 As the programme for the Blacknight-sponsored IndieCork Film Festival 2017 goes to print, we reveal some of the highlights of next month’s festival, in a podcast interview with Úna Feely of the organising committee. Click on Continue reading A Breakthrough Year for IndieCork Film Festival [Audio]

Scott Schiller: Web Audio – HTML5 + Flash (in a tree)

At the February 6, 2012 BayJax event at Yahoo!, Flickr Frontend Engineer and SoundManager developer Scott Schiller uncovered HTML5 audio’s dark and dirty … source

Neural Network Learns to Generate Voice (RNN/LSTM)

[VOLUME WARNING] This is what happens when you throw raw audio (which happens to be a cute voice) into a neural network and then tell it to spit out what … source

5 Programs for Creating and Recording Music (Open Source / Free)

Click Below to Subscribe watch more Free Software Reviews: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=tjopen1 You can find download links and … source

Como entrar a wordpress

Suscribe http://bit.ly/1mVgM11 En este vídeo aprenderás a como acceder al dashboard de wordpress para poder administrar tu sitio web, para modificar tu sitio … source