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  1. M.Ramzan RamzanM.Ramzan Ramzan04-18-2017

    its good video for beginners.

  2. Joe GrahamJoe Graham04-18-2017

    This sucks.  Your title says 2013, so I was expecting to see the creation of a 2013 workflow template, not another reiteration of the 100000 other documents out there that use a 2010 workflow on SP 2013. 🙁

  3. Divya DDivya D04-18-2017

    its easy to understand am new to SharePoint after watching your posted video i got an idea how to start working on SharePoint workflow..thank you

  4. chairil de grootchairil de groot04-18-2017

    What if other users can not see on the list before the data in the Approve by Approver? 
    Please Help me for this problem.

  5. Ritesh UpadhyayRitesh Upadhyay04-18-2017

    Hi, I don't see Approval Workflow listed in the workflow template. I am only able to see Disposition Approval, Publishing Approval and Three State.
    Please help!

  6. Maunish ShahMaunish Shah04-18-2017

    hi.. i don't see approval workflow templates here. I am using SP2013. Please assist.

  7. Great tutorial. Thanks

  8. Joe AyreJoe Ayre04-18-2017

    This isn't a SPD 2013 Workflow

  9. kevin dempseykevin dempsey04-18-2017

    Great tutorial. I already have a form on my site, which I would like users to be able to fill out by clicking "New" instead of upload. However, my task list does not show any new forms when I do this.The whole process works great as long as I upload the document (which would be a much slower process)Is there a way for a user to go to the document library>fill out the form> and hit submit leading to the workflows to appear as they do when I have them click upload?Thank you

  10. murali gmurali g04-18-2017

    Super bro well explanation

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