Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime – Why it’s Awesome!

Best Features or Top Features on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime which makes this device awesome. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!


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30 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime – Why it’s Awesome!”

  1. I'm definitely considering getting this phone tbh. I have the S5, and I've had it for a year now since October 3rd. And, it was great, but when I got it back from the shop they ruined it. My mobile data isn't working, and I have service. I'm going to try to get it sorted out, either I'll be able to upgrade to the S6, or get the Grand Prime, idk I just want a good phone.

  2. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is awesome cellphone and it can carry heavy games like:
    NBA 2K14
    NBA 2K15
    NBA 2K16
    NBA 2K17
    GTA San Andreas
    GTA Chinatown Wars
    GTA Vice City
    GTA Liberty City Stories
    Real Racing 3
    Minecraft Story Mode
    WWE 2K15

  3. I Love Grand Prime, it System Memory consume to much space on my phone and no possible way to clean em. hahaha. that wasnt chached or data is it? can not free it. damn. i need help. hahaha

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