Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime – Why it’s Awesome!

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Best Features or Top Features on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime which makes this device awesome. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!


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  1. wow you have a grand prime and i have a samsusg 7s and im 8 you are ?

  2. Abdul ManaffAbdul Manaff03-20-2017

    India tamilfilm

  3. I'm definitely considering getting this phone tbh. I have the S5, and I've had it for a year now since October 3rd. And, it was great, but when I got it back from the shop they ruined it. My mobile data isn't working, and I have service. I'm going to try to get it sorted out, either I'll be able to upgrade to the S6, or get the Grand Prime, idk I just want a good phone.

  4. JhoGaming 101JhoGaming 10103-20-2017

    Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is awesome cellphone and it can carry heavy games like:
    NBA 2K14
    NBA 2K15
    NBA 2K16
    NBA 2K17
    GTA San Andreas
    GTA Chinatown Wars
    GTA Vice City
    GTA Liberty City Stories
    Real Racing 3
    Minecraft Story Mode
    WWE 2K15

  5. Chris MellenthinChris Mellenthin03-20-2017

    the Samsung Galaxy prime is a game changer just like the iPhone 2G

  6. I m also love its feature in my bajet

  7. Qudude 94Qudude 9403-20-2017

    I Love Grand Prime, it System Memory consume to much space on my phone and no possible way to clean em. hahaha. that wasnt chached or data is it? can not free it. damn. i need help. hahaha

  8. i just wanna use this phone to use a certain app will it work even with out a sim card

  9. Master NeoMaster Neo03-20-2017

    I have samsung galaxy grand prime. I couldn't find the screen mirror option. Could you please help me on that.(Where to find it

  10. Pedro VaccarePedro Vaccare03-20-2017

    why did i get notified of this vídeo again?

  11. Nadine DhaouNadine Dhaou03-20-2017

    grand prime vs j5 2016

  12. Adnan AminAdnan Amin03-20-2017


  13. Adnan AminAdnan Amin03-20-2017


  14. Adnan AminAdnan Amin03-20-2017


  15. Edwin ZagorskiEdwin Zagorski03-20-2017

    i gave away my grand prime because it was laggy and the battery dies so easy now i have the samsung galaxy note 5

  16. mitun barmanmitun barman03-20-2017

    why its slow

  17. edwin rldnedwin rldn03-20-2017

    i have 8gb in the phone but i put a 32gb sd how do you move all files into the 32gb and make it default to download apps on it please help

  18. Pete RedecPete Redec03-20-2017

    I have it and it's shit

  19. Ahmed abdulhafizAhmed abdulhafiz03-20-2017

    I had it but I sold it and got my iphone6s on April2016

  20. Lite_Soul_VlogsLite_Soul_Vlogs03-20-2017

    My Galaxy Grand Prime has annoying glitches

  21. Good phone for being an edgy memelord on Instagram.

  22. xiNL GamezxiNL Gamez03-20-2017

    I have this phone and it works fine, The battery doesn't die easily.. Very fast and good also Im loving it rn

  23. Azeem MughalAzeem Mughal03-20-2017

    i luv my grnd prime+

  24. syeda hajerasyeda hajera03-20-2017

    this device is 4g or nt plz tel me

  25. Ari LindleAri Lindle03-20-2017

    whatta cutie ! lol

  26. Mychelle DavisMychelle Davis03-20-2017

    Does the galaxy have a led notification light?

  27. azhar hussainazhar hussain03-20-2017

    I like it

  28. sofiasofia03-20-2017

    i think s5 is more better than grand prime.

  29. kim johnsonkim johnson03-20-2017

    I ike the phone but I hate the fact that you can't add emojis to your contacts that sucks man why isn't that possible

  30. TripleShotTripleShot03-20-2017

    Why am I watching this? I have an S7 Edge. lol

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