Review: FotoJet Designer

The makers of FotoJet Designer asked Codango Labs to review their product.

Often, when an organization writes a review for a product, they just look at what they read on their web site, push out a lot of text, and voila… positive review. That’s not our style. Review is an active verb. You have to download and install the product – and use it. In a real scenario, where you would likely use that product. Then document your experience as a user.

The Good:

We must get this out there first… this is a social media marketer’s dream! We’ll come back to that. Their claim to fame is that anyone can design a variety of products, such as cards, banners, virtually anything. That is absolutely true.

The on-screen controls have been so simplified, that really, anyone at any skill level can create extremely useful graphical products.

Our favorite: the social media graphics! The product comes with hundreds upon hundreds of templates, including standard social media graphics layouts with the perfect dimensions.

The entire product in and of itself has unlimited design applications. In the year 2017, what this product will allow for an organization’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram presence justifies the purchase of the product. But that is just the beginning.

The Bad:

The user interface and user experience (UI/UX) is alarmingly simple. Many that work in the graphics arena are used to complicated menus, a gazillion buttons, and generally require the user to have a good deal of experience with that software to arrive at a usable product. This is truly not a bad attribute of FotoJet Designer – but it would definitely take someone some time to adapt to how simple it is. Perhaps this is how software was meant to be. (?)

Proofing it out:

We’re coders and otherwise information technology geeks. We wish we had graphics design skills. Much of that kind of thing, we contract out to designers. One thing that we wish we had contracted out, is the programming language banner at the owner’s Facebook page. But, we did not.

Behold (Click it to see the entire image):

Not made with FotoJet Designer
Click Me!


Not exactly what we’d like to hail as beautiful. Not terrible – but it could be much better.

So, we popped open FotoJet designer… and inside of an hour, had redesigned it from scratch. (The original one took a couple of hours [remember, we’re not graphics gurus]).

This is what it looks like now (Again, click it to see the entire image):

Made with FotoJet Designer
You have to click me, too!

The ability to get the exact image dimensions right with selection capabilities, sizing, and the grid abilities to align the images, means loads to someone trying to portray a neat message.

This was very little work for yours truly, who often finds graphics work to be hair-pulling. This was easy.

Codango Editors’ Rating:

  • Setup: 10.0 – Brainless
  • Features 10.0 – Exactly What We Need.
  • Interface 9.0 – Misleadingly Simple Interface.
  • Performance 10.0 – No Issues Noted.
  • Pricing 10.0 – Priced Very Competitively.
  • Support 10.00 – Structure is easy to follow, and firmly in place. The team is responsive.



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