Putting Rust into Production at Mozilla | Mozilla ♥ Rust

Mozilla is extremely proud of its contribution to the Rust community and language, and we are equally proud of the early steps we’re taking to put Rust into …


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23 Replies to “Putting Rust into Production at Mozilla | Mozilla ♥ Rust”

  1. Well, this mostly felt like an ocean of buzz words without any actual technical details. Still, a multi-core browser solution is desperately needed, and I look forward to an actual description of the project some time in the future.

  2. Mozilla could learn a lot from the programmers over at Comodo.. they have been protecting the end user, since the day they came online with Dragon & Ice Dragon.. I would be still using Dragon, if Chrome hadn't killed support for UNITY.. Google shot them self in the foot, but removing access to Unity for Gamers

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