Move Your Windows 2003 Machines and Apps To Cloud

Just so we’re clear – if you have apps that run on Windows Server 2003, I want you to know that you are in the post-end-of-life period. Most of you know that already.

But if you still have apps that are dependent on Windows Server 2003 – and you’re sure those apps will cease to work when you upgrade to Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2012 – you’re stuck.

From my own experience and perspective – I can you tell you this:

  • The Windows Server 2003 is no longer being patched or updated. It is a security whirlpool in the making.
  • The hardware that you have this Windows Server 2003 system resting on is most likely dated, and not so efficient on power utilization. Get these servers off of your network!

Skip the article… move your Windows Server 2003 to the cloud!
ColossussCloud Windows & Linux VPS Hosting

My predicament was this – I had a 10-year-old web site that was getting killed with hits every day. However, the moment we did a trial upgrade to Windows Server 2008 in our lab, many things broke. This is predominantly because some third-party tools were not published for anything past Windows Server 2003 (they went out of business).

Because part of our site used Classic ASP, as well as .Net 4.0 – we needed to share session information with this tool, and the re-write with another tool would have been time intensive. Plus, the existing hosting platform was charging an arm and a leg, for a dedicated physical server.

In came ServerPoint/Colossus Cloud. They are one of the few hosting providers out there that still have Windows Server 2003 virtual images (Windows 2008 as well). Spin up your Windows Server 2003 in the ServerPoint cloud presence.
ColossussCloud Windows & Linux VPS Hosting


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