Microsoft Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL Tips and Tricks

A complete set of hidden features, tips and tricks for Microsoft Lumia 640, Lumia 640 XL or any Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone. ▻ Subscribe Now for Daily …


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49 Replies to “Microsoft Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL Tips and Tricks”

  1. hi shaan,

    dear i am facing problem in my microsoft lumia 640 xl … wifi connection to solve it…first it was connection…the speed was slow so i off router and then on it…and after that mobile was not connecting to the wifi…. some times its says reenter password… etc etc …how to solve it?

  2. I'm using Lumia925 and I like it a lot except that the three led buttons are always on even its running a full screen app, this is really annoying especially when you are using it at night.

  3. Thanks for your video shaan….my phones proximity sensor is not working some times… works if i press somewhere near to the front camera….please advise on this…..

  4. so, i just got a lumia 640 and it wont let me instalkl any apps only if i do the "my family setup" .. i did the my family set up on the computer and my phone still wont let me install any apps. how do i fix this issue??

  5. this is a stupid set donot buy microsoft xl lumia model mobiles unless they add more features to screen navigation. There is no back ground play for videos stored in the device and external sd . The set contains an outdated and stupid video player with no navigation features of a mobile phone. These mobiles show that only Microsoft is a primitive monopoly corporates operating in 4th world countries.

  6. In 2015 double tap to wake up is still a tip ? What i miss the most since the nokia lumia line is gone is the ability to use the phone with gloves. Good old nokia common sense which slowly fades away.

  7. Thx man, tomorrow i was planning to buy 640 XL, after watched your video, i really can't wait till morning xD. Will set a lot of things that u mentioned. Once again, thx. Regards from Serbia.

  8. Thank you for this! I was looking for a new phone, and have always had iPhones, so a transition is a big deal. After playing around with this phone in the store today, there were so many things I weren't sure how to do. You covered so many of them and make it look like working this phone will be a piece of cake!

  9. Hi Shaan

    I appreciate your efforts to make this video. I've one question about WP640XL (Windows 10).
    Since I've been using BlackBerry from very long time and I've planned to switched to Windows platform, but few features of BlackBerry 10 stopping me from switching… So want to make sure whether those features or something like that are available in Windows 10.

    1.BlackBerry 10 has its own BlackBerry Hub, a one place where we can access mails, messengers, notifications and even without opening messaging app or emails, mail reply can be sent.

    2. Word Substitution feature: This is the feature, whose I'm die hard fan of. e.g. I've created a short cut text for my home address or bank account. if I type myadd then my whole address will be typed into the message. This process saves much time while typing. Only you have to create a text short cut once. that's it!

    3. Can I transfer my blackberry backup file directly to Windows 10 Phone? Because I've saved and configured lots of things there in my BlackBerry.

    One more question: As I've gone through the latest 640XL Windows 10 phone, I saw it has only 8 GB internal storage with only 1 GB RAM. My question is that Is the amount of Storage and the RAM sufficient to run the phone smoothly while performing multitasking and while multiple application opened ?

    Thanks in beforehand.
    Nishant Potdar

  10. I have a Microsoft Lumia 640. How do I connect to Wi-Fi and also use my phone as a hotspot without it canceling my Wi-Fi connection. Is there an app I can download, or a trick, or anything I can do???? Someone please help I've spent alot of money getting internet, router, PS4, and paying for data on my phone. I've tried everything I now know, and still no sucess…….. SOMEBODY PLEEEEAAASSEE HEEEELP!!!!!!!!

  11. hi Shaan, you video is great! I´ve just bought a lumia 640 xl and the notification led doesn´t work, and i see on your video that it does have one. would you help me activate it please?
    thanks a lot!

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