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I’d like to introduce Ladies Learning Code! I am proud to support this exciting organization. I came across this organization while browsing through articles and posts on LinkedIn. There should be way more organizations like this all over the world. It is a fantastic model, and the mission could not be more noble!

Their web site says it best. They started in July 2011. The small concept of hosting workshops for women who want to learn to code quickly grew into so much more. Today, Ladies Learning Code has Chapters across Canada, thriving youth programs called Girls Learning Code and Kids Learning Code, and Canada’s first travelling computer lab — the code:mobile. They are a major force shaping digital literacy education in Canada. And – they’re just getting started.

Ladies Learning Code - Get Started!

Code:mobile is Ladies Learning Code’s newest and biggest initiative to inspire and educate Canadian girls and boys to become passionate builders — not just consumers of technology.

From May to September 2016, they’ll be visiting their 22+ Chapter cities from across Canada plus their surrounding cities and towns based on community requests.

They’ll be visiting large and small, privileged and underprivileged communities, stopping by at local parks, community centers, Summer Camps, street festivals and more – travelling an estimated 35,000km coast to coast and teaching over 10,000 kids to code! This is also in partnership with Microsoft.

They’ve already visited cities and towns across Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, and just arrived in Newfoundland. They’ve taught just shy of 7,000 kids. Their workshops are an introduction to some of the vast technologies that make up the digital world around us, from programming, to game design, and building websites.

Technology makes up so much of our world. Their goal is not to create 10,000 developers, but instead foster a demographic that has a better understanding of the technological landscape that’s coming up – so that  Canada doesn’t get left behind. Similar to the reason that math and science is taught in schools. The goal is not to create mathematicians of all students –  but instead, to help them understand how the world around them works.

They’ve already made a great impact on the communities that they’ve visited including getting wonderful local news coverage and recently being recognized by Justin Trudeau and Minister of Science Kristy Duncan.

Visit their home page here:

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