[ICISTS-KAIST 2015] Vitalik Buterin – Ethereum: Building the decentralized world

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Vitalik Buterin on “Ethereum: Building the decentralized world” Vitalik Buterin is the chief scientist of the Ethereum project. His primary contributions to the project …


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  1. gurudeclangurudeclan04-20-2017

    I'm selling my Ripple and LTC. Going 50/50 BTC/ETH

  2. Leroy BrownLeroy Brown04-20-2017

    That presentation is in my top 10 most difficult to listen too of all time. If it wasn't for the enthusiasm, this would have taken many more than the 2 sittings I took to listen to this one through.

  3. gomojo107gomojo10704-20-2017

    Hmm. I programming savant that cant get a computer to work. That is absurdly ironic

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