How to Write a Developer CV/Resume That Will Get You Hired

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As a developer, you are often tasked with the job of writing a resume so as to attract recruiters and hiring managers of several companies.

Doing this exercise can be very daunting and if not done well, it can lead to you being jobless. Here, we will show how to write a resume that will catch the eyes of three very important people who happen to be the HR person or recruiter, the hiring manager, and the interviewing developers. These three people will look at the resume and decide if you’re worth the role that you want to occupy, thus, you must really show them that you’re more than competent. Mind you, employment statistics show that there are over 200 people applying for the same job as you. This means that your CV has to really stand out! Here are the definitive ways you can do this:

1. Skills


Ensure that your coding skills clearly come out in your resume


For you to be hired, you must possess the skills required to complete the tasks that accompany the role which you aspire to fill. Most developers do have the skills, yes, but they fail to bring this out in their resumes.

When it comes to skills, talk about the important things first and be thorough and lengthy. If you have any experience with C++ server pages take your time to talk about your experience with the CGI kit. Show the recruiter that you have first-hand experience with these tools that you are talking about and have an opinion about their performance. By doing this, you’re also showing the hiring manager that you really do have the experience and to the developers that will be interviewing you, they will have something to talk about.

2. Open Source Projects

What projects have you done outside of work?


This is one of the easiest ways to show that you’re a programming enthusiast. This can also help a non-technical person be able to evaluate you.

This section should be as important as your skills. The more you have the better as it will show the recruiter that you’re not just all talk. To the hiring manager, it shows that you’re passionate about programming. Share one or two projects that you have contributed to instead of your entire catalog. Name the other projects that you have been involved and share the repositories.

Also, talk about any speaking or writing material that you may have such as a blog or vlog and be sure to include a link.


I am an active participant on GitHub an API folder based on the instant payment platform PayPal. I actively contribute to making the API more robust and inclusive. Within the last month, I have seen the API be included in most web and mobile applications throughout America.

GitHub: (link to your project)

Highlight your project and show how impactful it has been, bask in your glory and always share a link as a means to prove your claims. If you don’t have any open source project, you can talk about anything that you do outside work. You can share your competitive programming scores on topcoder or codechef.


“I am current ranked 10 on code chef and my highest ranking was 6th overall”.


“I used the Arduino system to determine when my cat should be fed and also be able to serve the food at that selected time”.

You can also highlight the things that you learned and the hackathons that you may have attended:


“I attended an all-girls workshop where I learned about embedded systems and on how they work”


“I attended a hackathon organized by NASA on the environment and created an app that would detect an oncoming flood and warn the residents to evacuate via texts.”

Online courses can also be included on your resume as something that you do on your own. All this shows that you are always thinking about computers outside of work. Talk about what you learned and why it’s valuable. If you do none of these, better go out there and start learning.

3.Work Experience

A developer working on the design of a project


This part can be really tricky if you don’t know what to do. Normally, people are tempted to write all the places they have worked at. The truth is no one really cares if you worked at a burger place in your teenage years.

Mention the most recent and relevant jobs that you’ve had. Any other that may be relevant you may mention the title and the dates. For each role that you choose to mention, think about your audience, the three most important people. The HR wants to see certain keywords thus she will try and find them using the find search box. The hiring manager wants to know if you’re an actual programmer suited for this role and the interviewing developers want something to talk to you about.


Software Engineer Intern, Apple Inc. summer 2016

Worked on the Ipad

Increased the color display by 25% by reducing the latency.

If there is a gap in your CV when a certain period you went on a holiday or took some time off to care for a lover, be sure to list it. If you were unemployed at the time term it as” job seeking” and say all the productive things that you did at that time.

Your resume is normally not more than 3 pages, try and make your work experience about 2 pages. Remember that no one actually reads CVs for fun.


These are the 3 basic rules to follow when writing your resume so as to guarantee you that job. Focus on your audience and what they may desire from you, capitalize on that and you will be ok. Here are some resume samples you can learn from. You can also hire a resume writing service to assist you with your resume. Happy job hunting!

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