How to Optimize Windows 10 For GAMING & Power Users

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38 Replies to “How to Optimize Windows 10 For GAMING & Power Users”

  1. HI is there Now a more updated features to turn off to improve perforance? this update did help and was curious if there was a new video with updated features with the past updates to windows 10. if there is, i would like to know the link,. If not, will there be a new video?

  2. Thanks, heaps on this old video that I had to change, Fuck you Bill Gates and Fuck your shitty company, I hope you rot in hell you Monsanto flogging piece of shit.

  3. You have so many subscribers including me. i dont think i will get a reply from you. but i will do my best explaining my issue.
    when ever i play games using steam on windows 10, games get frozen and only game audio plays. do you know how to fix it.

    amd 1600
    giga ab350 mobo
    gtx 1070

  4. After major update, you will notice that the "Diagnostics Tracking Service" is gone.

    Microsoft renamed the service to "Connected User Experiences and Telemetry".

    Great video Bryan! Love your work mate.

  5. Now if we can just get Windows 10 to not jack with our drivers, do in-place upgrades automatically as updates (when you should have a clone of your drive prior to any in-place OS upgrade!), Address forced updates without having to delete the service as W10 will turn it back on, make it stop resetting our default apps just because it feels like we should be using MS apps instead of the ones we choose, make Windows 10 ONE OS instead of playing Russian Roulette with our systems by having different builds every other week and every build is a separate 4.5 GB download, W10 not actively uninstalling your software just because it feels it isn't compatible especially during one of those upgrades, return to ONE familiar control panel instead of two convoluted ones, GTFO with these so-called Apps and the MS Store, find out why the Start Menu breaks in Windows 10 (this never happened at all in any previous OS), fix the buggy Explorer in Windows 10 that crashes and hangs on certain installs (Java, Avast) which don't crash or hang at all in XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1, stop W10 from reverting your settings and/or changes and even if you think they are set and you check them it will turn them back eventually, fix DirectDraw and everything underneath DX9 which has been broken since Win8… this list continues. Your video is great, but hopefully you can find fixes to these major issues as well so we can all breathe comfortably with this dumpster-fire of an (NON)Operating System! Keep up the good work, tho! 🙂

  6. In the services app, I disabled the windows updates startup because it was really annoying when you log on and it displays the message "getting windows ready, dont turn off your PC". Windows has been snappier since I have performed these

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