How to move a WordPress development website to main or live website using BackupBuddy

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10 Replies to “How to move a WordPress development website to main or live website using BackupBuddy”

  1. Good stuff! Takes all the hard work out of it! Was there any issues with the sub domain being listed Settings > General (WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL)? Should those be changed before the backup and move over? Or will they be changed during the move process? Thanks again!

  2. How long should it typically take to transfer the backup file to the main site using FTP? I started this process at 9:45 last night, and as of 12:30 PM today (the next day) it is at 80%. Everything was going good following the tutorial until this. I pray my internet doesn't blip or anything before it finishes. It's a 3.5 GB file which, although large, doesn't seem large enough to warrant nearly 24 hours to transfer (but I'm certainly no expert here). It is an image-heavy site, and I tried to optimize as many of the images as I could, but my client had a LOT of very large files in there before I got a hold of it. 

    Should the backup not go through for whatever reason, after I finish crying and drinking a very stiff drink, is there something else I can do to get the file uploaded much, much quicker? Any help appreciated… and thank you for posting the tutorial.

  3. Thanks, this is really useful info !!! And on top of all this – as far as I understand – with Backupbuddy 6 you can even have a LIVE website and a DEV. website, and Buckupbuddy 6's "deployment" feature can push any changes from the DEV. website to the LIVE version. I am just testing this feature right now, so I cannot say more, but sounds promising.

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