How to Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging on Huawei Honor 5x

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How to Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging on Huawei Honor 5x Best Buy Link: Check other videos in the Playlist: …


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  1. Maddy ricMaddy ric05-18-2017


  2. Amro JambiAmro Jambi05-18-2017

    I can't enable it after tapping 5 times!! It doesn't work! Can you help me please!

  3. Hacking GameHacking Game05-18-2017

    bro . how to select debug app? for honor 4c ? answer

  4. does USB debugging active the OTG

  5. 王美王美05-18-2017
  6. lucozademan999lucozademan99905-18-2017

    Hello, I need your help quickly please. I found this video while searching if I cab get my nonor 5x to use MHL to connect to my tv. Do you know if there is a way to do this? I have a micro usb to hdmi and usb splitter cable but I am still unable to mirror my phone onto my tv but the phone is charging so at least I know there is power going through it. I have no idea why Huawei haven't unabled this basic action on the phone, it is seems a massive oversite and plane stupid. I am aware of chromecast but I specifically need a wired connection hopefully for increase speed. If you can reply in the next 6 hours that would be amazing. I would really appreciate the help please.

  7. thank for the tutorial ,it was really helpful !


    its not working for P9 lite

  9. JonneLahestJonneLahest05-18-2017

    Thanks, i didnt know how to go to developer settings. But this helped me!! 😀
    Im using Huawei Y5 II

  10. Naila SaidouniNaila Saidouni05-18-2017

    i cant du sable italien on p9 lite

  11. Srinivas BarkerSrinivas Barker05-18-2017

    can we enable otg for honar 5x

  12. Yasir WazirYasir Wazir05-18-2017

    i have enabled USB Debugging but i am not able to transfer my data between my phone and PC. Please tell me how can i do that?

  13. Mehran TariqMehran Tariq05-18-2017

    any otg supporting trick plz

  14. Grav BlossGrav Bloss05-18-2017

    thank focking god atleast now i can drag shit properly instead of that fucking hisuite shit… AND I CAN GET MUSIC ON MY PHONE!

  15. Ari-Pekka NiemiAri-Pekka Niemi05-18-2017

    thx you so much i found the one although it wasnt at same spot but i got developer on and i fixed one thing and now my pokemon go works

  16. Venko SkatesVenko Skates05-18-2017
  17. Gagandeep SinghGagandeep Singh05-18-2017

    thanks for being quick on spot!

  18. ZiPotatoZiPotato05-18-2017

    Thanks! Was trying to root my P10

  19. PasiHDPasiHD05-18-2017

    Thanks guy for helping 😀

  20. Wortex 9Wortex 905-18-2017

    thanks fo help 🙂

  21. ImTuomasImTuomas05-18-2017

    thanks bro.

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