How to become a complete backend developer

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Complete modern back end development with 10 projects: In order to become a …


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  1. sir freelancing video plz!

  2. hey,,
    please make a vedio on dot net

  3. make a video on database development.i.e SQL developer etc

  4. ShaonShaon04-19-2017

    Every time I ask you question, I got answers through your video and became a big fan of you.You videos are really helpful and about modern days. Hats off to you. I have another question,
    How much long we need problem solving for programming career ??? again,Thanks

  5. Nishant KeshriNishant Keshri04-19-2017

    Sir make some video in a career opportunities with C language…Who had experience in C and make come back in software industry by learning more things related to C.

  6. Mudasser NazirMudasser Nazir04-19-2017

    hi sir i am from pakistan how can i buy this course how can i send money to buy i never purchase any course i like your vedios i am sure your course are very helpfull

  7. amol tambeamol tambe04-19-2017

    Ohh Thanks alot sir…

  8. Pranav SawantPranav Sawant04-19-2017

    Your thumbnails are inspired by Simple programmer channel.

  9. Daily UploadsDaily Uploads04-19-2017

    Sir, i am in 2nd sem of my computer science, can i start learning language for. Future because it will consumes preety time in future. How can i choose a language rather than c++

  10. Neeraj KumarNeeraj Kumar04-19-2017

    I am a beginner. React or Angular . Which one should i prefer?

  11. shadab alishadab ali04-19-2017

    bro…i did diploma in computer but working in steel plant as a steel products in charge which is no connection to computer technology. plz guide me which language should i start for new carrier..

  12. Arham AalamArham Aalam04-19-2017

    hello ! what can I do for free course from any where because I can't afford this . if you have any idea that how can earn money and support my parents after doing this course so I can do that. Thanks for the guidance

  13. chethan hpchethan hp04-19-2017

    I am studying BCA final year so I need to do web application so suggest be which lang I shud and and any topic plz

  14. The VIRALTUBEThe VIRALTUBE04-19-2017

    sir i am very much interested in ethical hacking. so where should i start from? plz guide

  15. Prakash kumarPrakash kumar04-19-2017

    I need help to select programming language

  16. Stalen LakshyaStalen Lakshya04-19-2017

    thank you sir for your advices..
    Looking forward to learn more from you and your team members about hackathon because i am just at my first year and i know only Java c and c++..

    I am having 3 months of simultaneous vacation after my 2nd semester exams..
    So what should i learn as a step towards Hackathon

  17. abhi abhangabhi abhang04-19-2017

    Thanks bro,please share ur knowledge about node js

  18. busyrandbusyrand04-19-2017

    Great Video Hitesh! I logged into your live feed at four in the morning just to show appreciation for how much you share.


    hi,sir i am doing bca from ip university, sir i want to become a software programmer in java ,so can u suggest me how to get started with it and which thing i need to foucus first

  20. Vikash PrasharVikash Prashar04-19-2017

    I am an android developer…. what are the most important technologies that I should learn…. currently I am having a good hold on sql… java … xml ….

  21. lsr 777lsr 77704-19-2017

    hello sir,,,, make a video about Competitive Programming ,,,, please,.,..

  22. kishor Agnihotrikishor Agnihotri04-19-2017

    Hello sir , may you plz tell more about IS(information security) and AI also

  23. pranjal vyaspranjal vyas04-19-2017

    Hi sir
    My question is I want to learn about react but I don't have knowledge of the JavaScript I only know the HTML so please give me a guidance should I participate in this course or not it necessary to learn the JavaScript & css

  24. Sundar SanSundar San04-19-2017

    u r not talking which is really useful. do live coding

  25. Hi, I am freelancer developer. i am currently working in PHP,wordpress plugin/themes.
    How can i increase my income as freelancer. Which is best language useful for freelancer. Please make one video tutorial on freelancing

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