How the Web Competes with Native — Designer vs. Developer #12

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13 Replies to “How the Web Competes with Native — Designer vs. Developer #12”

  1. As a web developer I've reached pretty much where Matt is right about now: the web has gotten so much more powerful since the days of jQuery, but boy does it require all your elbow grease…

  2. Web vs. Native: My conspiracy theory is the biggies have purposefully slowed down the progress of mobile browsers or simply had no incentive bc they are making more rev and have more control getting users to go native in App Stores. WordPress brought about the over-bloated cookie-cutter web that forced a whole new http spec (http2) thanks to some really crap templates and architecture. I've been promoting Javascript for almost a decade as the cross-platform glue and that looks very much closer with React Native and Electron. Somewhere in the dark recesses of this planet there is a mad scientist front-end web developer creating a super platform that will completely erase the lines between designer/developer, native/web, and spa/mpa/pwa.. the next question is: are the 'biggies' going to be willing to give up parts of their pie to achieve universal standards?

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