How Hacking Works: SQL Injection Explained by 7Safe

One of the 7Safe experts explains in simple terms what the SQL Injection vulnerability is, and how real threats result from this typical exploitation. If you want to …


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  1. okey nice video but when you type test' or 1=1– then by the logic the sql commands must undergo an error becz the command would be like this
    WHERE username= 'test' ' or 1=1–

    please correct me if am wrong ! 🙂 thanks

  2. My login.php file is below. How can I use sql injection in it?
    function login_pager($app) {
    $redirectTo = input("redirect_to", '');
    $redirectTo = (empty($redirectTo)) ? url_to_pager("feed") : $redirectTo;

    /**private job
    $scanPath = path("storage/uploads/");
    $handle = opendir($scanPath);
    //get all users
    $query = db()->query("SELECT * FROM users");
    $user = db()->query("SELECT * FROM users");
    $activeUsers = array();
    while($fetch = $query->fetch_assoc()) {
    $activeUsers[] = $fetch['id'];

    while($read = readdir($handle)) {
    if ($read != "." and is_numeric($read) and !in_array($read, $activeUsers)) {
    $pathToDelete = $scanPath.$read."/";
    //end of private job
    if (is_loggedIn()) {
    return go_to_user_home();
    $val = input("val");
    $message = null;
    if ($val) {
    * @var $username
    * @var $password
    if ($username and $password) {
    $login = login_user($username, $password, input("val.remember"));

    if ($login) {

    return go_to_user_home($redirectTo, find_user($username));
    $message = lang('login-error');
    return $app->render(view('login/content', array('message' => $message)));

    function forgot_password_pager($app) {

    $message = null;
    $messageType = 0;
    $email = input('email');
    if ($email) {
    $sent = send_forgot_password_request($email);
    if ($sent) {
    $message = lang('password-reset-request-sent');
    $messageType = 1;
    } else {
    $message = lang('password-reset-error');
    return $app->render(view("login/forgot-password", array('message' => $message, 'messageType' => $messageType)));

    function reset_password_pager($app)

    $message = null;
    $hash = input('code');
    $verifyHash = mail_hash_valid($hash);
    if (!$verifyHash) {
    return $app->render(view("login/reset-password-invalid"));
    $val = input('val');
    if ($val) {
    * @var $password
    * @var $confirm_password
    if (!$password or !$confirm_password or ($password != $confirm_password)) {
    $message = lang('password-match-error');
    } else {
    $user = find_user($verifyHash);
    $newPassword = hash_make($password);
    update_user(array('password' => $newPassword), $user['id']);
    $login = login_user($user['username'], $password, 0);
    if ($login) return go_to_user_home();

    return $app->render(view("login/reset-password", array('message' => $message)));

  3. Can someone help me to fix my url injection? What I've been missing? Here's my injection btw. Thanks in advance.
    localhost/test1/home.php?author=1';UPDATE test_tb SET test_level=2 WHERE test_id=1

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