Ham Radio Technician Class License Course Chapter 1

Ham Radio! Haven’t you always wanted your license? Here’s how–this video is the introduction to an on-line/self-study course using the ARRL Ham Radio …


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  1. In this day and age, where everything you need is made FOR you, I believe the License Testing aspect of HAM is outdated and not needed.  Let's face it, you SHOULD learn the protocols and operate a communication device responsibly (lord knows we have enough "children" on the air these days) so I'm an advocate for THAT type of educational training; but testing about electric circuits and that sort of thing, seems WAY over the top, in terms of necessity.  

    Talking all over the world and up in space for fun (QSL Cards and all) is one aspect, as well as being a help in times when all forms of conventional communication gear is "down," are the two most valuable and worthy aspects of HAM.

    Another negative aspect, is the enormous cost of the equipment these days that HAM folks invest.  Thousands of dollars for equipment and antennas and this and that add on……..it just takes a good deal of the fun out of it all, if your pockets aren't deep enough.

    I appreciate and see the value in what you are offering here, and commend you for it.  I just wish we as a collective community could convince the ARRL that "Testing" for the electronic aspects is unnecessary.  If they want to "Test" folks about Protocols and general usage guidelines alone, THAT would make perfect sense.

  2. Dave I wanted to give you a very big thank you! Getting my radio license has been a absolute dream of mine for years but I only recently started working on my dream. I started with the ARRL study book but I quickly got in over my head, reading the information and understanding it are two very different things. Last week I passed my technician test! Your videos played a big part in helping me pass my test, thank you for making my dream come true.  I am still waiting on my call sign, I hope it does not take much longer I feel like I am waiting on Christmas 

  3. Thanks for posting making these videos sir, I used the no nonsense technician study guide in conjunction with these videos and I got 100% on my tech exam. Now I am waiting for my FCC call sign and I am itching to make my first contact.

  4. Thank you David for your time and effort and posting these videos. They are very helpful. I now have my technicians license and I am studying for a general upgrade. I'm in Southern Colorado near Alamosa. I don't know if I can make radio contact with you from here. Maybe thru the "Colorado Connection" repeater system?

    Thans again, 73!

    Jim KE0EHP

  5. David, Thanks for the information. I just took both my tech and gen exams today and passed both. If nothing else I get to print out my General license and put it on my "I love me" wall. Society as a whole should focus on the accomplishments and less on the downer negativity in life!

  6. I'm very excited I found this video series! I just ordered the book and I'm looking forward to taking all your online courses! I've recently become interested in amateur radio and look froward to learning a lot of getting licensed!

  7. Hi Dave!  Your videos have been invaluable in helping me.  Idon't have my callsign just yethowever, I just got my CSCE this morning.  Because of your videos, I scored a nearly perfect score.  SO the vids cover an older questionpool, yes, but here in 2015, the technical information you passed along was most relevant.  I'm so excited!  Thanks again.  A little assurance to those thinkibng of testing, DO IT!  IT's easy!

  8. I am interested in becoming a ham radio operator, but live in Canada where the exam is different (Instead of 35 questions we have 100 for the basic qualification.) Will this series still teach me all the technical information I need to know, or are there some things not included in this series that I would need to know in Canada?

    Thanks for any help!

  9. Hi Dave, Silly question, but do your general videos cover the material presented here or is the information cumulative? IE:Can I go straight to general? Newbie thanks!

  10. Thanks, Dave. Although I have yet to take the test and don't have the ARRL guide (I have a different one) I find that I have learned by watching the series. Hope to see you on the radio in future.

  11. Thank you sir. Your videos helped me pass both the technician and general class. After I passed the VE's asked how I studied. I showed them the ARRL book 2nd edition and that I used your videos. KG5MUI. 73

  12. Looks like a good series. I just passed my Tech exam this past Saturday after the local radio club had a "cram class". I just basically read over the possible test questions and memorized the rule specific stuff.  I will be watching all the videos for added understanding and will move on to the General videos to prepare for that exam. The radio club had an option to take the general, which I did to get a feel for it–more questions about radio specifics and less electronics showed my weaknesses–just got 1/2 the questions on the General, but still not too bad considering. The basic electronics portions I already knew since I have been messing around with it since I was 12.

  13. Hello Dave, I just wanted to say Thank you for all the Great Videos you provided to help People like myself get through the Exam. I just sat my Technician and General License last Weekend in Hamburg Germany and Passed both with Flying Colours !! For other newbies reading this, I watched Daves Videos read the Manual which I had on Kindle and then Did the Test Papers plus I also got an App from Google playstore to practice the test when ever I had time.
    Again Thank you and 73s

  14. It seems quite diffcult to buy that ARRL Amateur Radio License Manual in China, I'm struggling to search for it. Well, really really appreciate that series of amzing lession, though the rule of amateur radio absolutely different here, your precious sharings can't be missed, thank you Dave!

  15. I can't believe that to fly an R/C racing quad in FPV ( the higher quality one desired) that I've got to learn all this …. I will never key a mic to talk to China nor do I hold the interest to do so, no offence I've known many a people that get a kick out of it… me? I like my model airplanes and the such. I'll buy the book and study your vids but believe that another branch of "HAM DRONE OPERATOR" license class should be produced simply for "relevance" of operation… Right? I do like this particular video and your presentation and thank you for making these videos, it's "exactly what I was searching for"! Let me leave no doubt "THANK YOU" (but I'm going to hate it lol)

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