Hackers Can Purchase Your Entire Identity for Less Than $1200 [New Study]


With recent headlines regarding Equifax’s breach affecting more people than initially reported, keeping our personal information secure continues to be a growing concern — especially when it’s being sold for pennies on the dark web.

Our team of security experts at Top10VPN reviewed tens of thousands of listings on three of the most popular dark web markets to find exactly how much our identities are worth online, and what the selling price is for different accounts.

A quick look at what we found: From banking information to Netflix logins, our entire identity can be purchased for $1,170 Apple IDs sell for $15.39 on the dark web, the most expensive in its category Criminals can purchase online banking details for just $160 and all of our financial information for $710.65.

Having our identity stolen and sold online could cost us a fortune, but for hackers, purchasing our details costs almost nothing.

You can view the full Top10VPN study here.

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