Google I/O 2013 – Project Ground Truth: Accurate Maps Via Algorithms and Elbow Grease

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Andrew Lookingbill, Michael Weiss-Malik In 2008, Google began project Ground Truth. Its goal was to map the world from authoritative data sources, via a …


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  1. ANT BerezhnyiANT Berezhnyi05-18-2017

    якби знав що будуть доповіді на тему МапМейкера – то поїхав би.

  2. Bl00d W1ngzBl00d W1ngz05-18-2017

    That's so insanely smart.. creating algorithms to detect street signs and business logo's..i like how the guy speaking was using a mac at a google presentation.. lol. The top down fish-eye view should be a feature on the actual google maps that can be enabled at the users will.. It's a cool feature to play with. also knowing that theres a team of operators that does nothing but fix roads in maps is pretty incredible..
    A great idea for this would be to use this data with autonomous driving

  3. Regord117Regord11705-18-2017

    This is great to see how Google produces all the services that we take advantage of.

  4. What an awesome presentation !!

    Google guy'z are amazing !

  5. Is there a video on the way and method of map projection used by Google, also is there any way the UK OS grid can be set within Google Maps

  6. Sf GuySf Guy05-18-2017

    The giant screen is not in a drive thru, it's in a drive-in.
    Drive thru is where you order fast food.
    Drive-in is where you watch a movie outdoor in your car.

  7. Almighty KingAlmighty King05-18-2017

    20:01 Edmonton, AB, Canada

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