Google Cloud Functions and Firebase (Google Cloud Next ’17)

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Firebase’s SDKs make it easier to build successful mobile and web apps, and Firebase and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) work closely together to offer a …


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  1. Michael PrenticeMichael Prentice03-19-2017

    Extremely impressive! We've been waiting for these exact features! Hooray #Firebase!

  2. Nitin MuthyalaNitin Muthyala03-19-2017

    Hope you DONT add the "Screw you guys, Im going home" feature from Parse.

  3. Thank you! Impressive! 🙂

  4. Denis TRUFFAUTDenis TRUFFAUT03-19-2017

    Great demo !
    Managed Node.js with async / await, lots of inputs (HTTP, Auth, Analytics)… That rocks. Nice work 🙂
    I just didn't get the "let [langs]" ; What is this syntax for ?

  5. Nathaniel RoweNathaniel Rowe03-19-2017

    if(firstTimeCommenting = false){console.log("ahhhhh?");}else{console.log("first time for erytang");}

  6. Ben AkinlosotuBen Akinlosotu03-19-2017

    Does anyone know the name of the IDE he is using, thank you

  7. MGR ProgrammingMGR Programming03-19-2017

    Great firebase world. Good that I was too busy and did not worry yet about messages to user and spin up my own server – now I can take the shortcut. And I can eliminate the 4 client side loops of uploading images at different resolutions!

  8. amazigh halzounamazigh halzoun03-19-2017

    I really hope their will be a firecast about firebase function and algolia search .. or any video tutorial about setting up search using algolia and firebase functions

  9. azdaspazazdaspaz03-19-2017

    Does anyone have an example material regarding how he's using Typescript in that demo? Kudos if you can link or show me 🙂

  10. Mads Jon NielsenMads Jon Nielsen03-19-2017

    Can the source for be downloaded anywhere ?

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