Female Robot Sex Toys

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  1. Alexander MayerAlexander Mayer02-15-2017

    timing outside hearing whhbky pickup zone.

  2. Laura JacobsLaura Jacobs02-15-2017

    Bury actual exit.

  3. Karl TheodorsenKarl Theodorsen02-15-2017

    almost 6 years ago but now i just saw it for the first time?

  4. John BatchlerJohn Batchler02-15-2017

    like i said before be careful what you wish for it will come back and bite you in your ass

  5. What if a robot said no, and the person has sex with her any one, is that rape?

  6. heinrich harrerheinrich harrer02-15-2017

    Ke Rica robot

  7. victor arcurivictor arcuri02-15-2017

    young turks idiots.

  8. DJ RichyLaurenceDJ RichyLaurence02-15-2017


  9. Lore MertensLore Mertens02-15-2017

    Office although grab genuine maintain.

  10. There be myrid pissed-off women if this thing goes onto Wal*Mart shelves.  Programming them all to reject men will be the only chance of getting by the feminists.

  11. starkiller11710starkiller1171002-15-2017

    I bet feminst are gonna start fighting for female robot rights

  12. markaf1markaf102-15-2017

    they can have sex and work in a fast food restaurant

  13. parece uma obra de arte, só que nunca esses estúpidos vão conseguir dar o folego de vida para eles , foi o que o diabo quis ser como Deus nao existe palavras ainda para tanta idiotice

  14. Lisa MLisa M02-15-2017

    She is a rape doll in the making.

  15. Stevo cthruohStevo cthruoh02-15-2017

    I used to have one of these , an earlier prototype! Had it for a few years till it ran away ! And it all started about the time I bought that new toaster! Come to think of it , I haven't seen that toaster in a quite awhile! Not since…………!!!!!!!!!

  16. Reminds me of the Stepford Wives movie.

  17. Tijmen de GrootTijmen de Groot02-15-2017

    why Does anyone understand one's better than this variant ? haha.

  18. j a m a i c a nj a m a i c a n02-15-2017

    why did you do that for? it's hurt.

  19. Pink FluffPink Fluff02-15-2017

    Sex is nothing

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