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More information available here: http://www.paulsontraining.com/products/extruder-operation-and-control-single-screw/ This video is an exerpt from our Extruder …


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  1. astigAARONastigAARON03-20-2017

    You can turn it off then set a time to heat again. You have to set 2 hours to run again for production.

  2. You can turn it on again depending of the type of polymer that was in the screw and cylinder. Some low melting temperature material like PVC tend to burnt and you'll get more problems if trying to obtain a decent product

  3. Darren LiangDarren Liang03-20-2017

    Thanks I learned a lot

  4. pepe hernandezpepe hernandez03-20-2017


  5. ThePeoplesChampThePeoplesChamp03-20-2017

    very nice

  6. stimpack2112stimpack211203-20-2017

    @humantorch09 yeh burnt poly on material is a bitch

  7. very nice

  8. TV 2 FILMTV 2 FILM03-20-2017

    Your Videois an exerpt from our Extruder Operation and Control – Single Screw: Lesson 1 course. This program uses state-of-the art animation technology to teach the fundamentals of single screw technology Very Useful Sharing

  9. DrMrFranDrMrFran03-20-2017
  10. DrMrFranDrMrFran03-20-2017


  11. danilo pereiradanilo pereira03-20-2017

    tenho q aprender inglês hem!!!

  12. CNCMenaceCNCMenace03-20-2017

    Good vidoe, thanks for posting.

  13. We use in Saudi SABIC Double screw

  14. Maxix vee haaMaxix vee haa03-20-2017

    Groeten van Ivo

  15. dt908911atyahoodt908911atyahoo03-20-2017

    Basell corp has one. I rebuilt it.

  16. llarraifyllarraify03-20-2017

    thanks, it was very useful. i always study these things just theoretically

  17. Graham RussinGraham Russin03-20-2017

    Textbook plastics, important to know if you work with extruders

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    how can i design seed oil exstruder

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  22. marwan almatarimarwan almatari03-20-2017

    how price

  23. Kamran AbidKamran Abid03-20-2017

    Very Informative. 

  24. Thank You.  This was very helpful.  I wonder how they generate so much shear heat…

  25. Omaid ShokouriOmaid Shokouri03-20-2017

    very cool 

  26. Lucky MaoLucky Mao03-20-2017

    so ,this is a single screw extruder?

  27. Chen JohnChen John03-20-2017

    polypropylene sheet and roll manufacturer from Dongguan

  28. John TempestJohn Tempest03-20-2017

    used to work at wavin plastics on extruders we had top and bottom twin screws to start making plpes in 1973

  29. Darwin QspDarwin Qsp03-20-2017

    que bueno…

  30. Adams AfolabiAdams Afolabi03-20-2017

    we have a single screw pp sheet extrusion line, but we have problem of unequal sheet length after cutting.

  31. Salim AhmedSalim Ahmed03-20-2017

    It is very informative

  32. Waseem AhmedWaseem Ahmed03-20-2017

    if large flow is needed than increase temperature of screen pack

  33. extrusion profiles

  34. ABS material is good
    for Extruder machines

  35. Fabio CardosoFabio Cardoso03-20-2017

    what extruder for extrusion PEAD ?

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