Dell iDRAC Initial Setup

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This video shows how to initially setup the iDRAC7 IP address and perform the basic network configuration using the System Setup, RACADM, and the LCD …


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  1. Peter KarichuPeter Karichu04-20-2017

    I had a problem with an R720 not showing video output on the monitor and iDRAC just came in handy. Nice piece of tool!

  2. Mike BMike B04-20-2017

    Man I hate videos where they don't talk to you…  🙁

  3. James DardenJames Darden04-20-2017

    This was of no use to me.  I was taken from a link that said "how to install the OS…"  There was nothing on here showing at what point you install the Operating System.  We have a R730xd with no optical drive and I can't find any option to boot from a USB CD drive.

  4. Jim WillisJim Willis04-20-2017

    I like James below was pointed to this link on how to install an OS, from the Dell support site for the R730xd manual page. Nothing in this shows me anything about how to install the OS – anyone find out how?

  5. eaudecristaleaudecristal04-20-2017

    I'm on DATACENTER Project here in Kinshasa where we use Chassis Blade enclosure Dell PowerEdge 1000e

  6. vikas yadavvikas yadav04-20-2017

    thanks mate , you helped me save another so much time today

  7. naveen kumarnaveen kumar04-20-2017

    Really saved me too.

  8. OtherkotOtherkot04-20-2017

    He is may send alerts to e-mail?

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