Crockford on JavaScript – Volume 1: The Early Years

Douglas Crockford puts the JavaScript programming language in its proper historical context, tracing the language’s structure and conventions (and some of its …


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15 Replies to “Crockford on JavaScript – Volume 1: The Early Years”

  1. Fantastic lectures but the volume gain is waaaay too low and needs to be normalized. Please run these videos by someone with audio expertise and re-upload.

  2. @1:11:36 – Douglas Crockford states "And then C took B – this one was Dennis Ritchie – taking some of the good ideas in Pascal being more selective in taking stuff from its type system and adding to B – which was mainly a typeless language – he made C"….

    Compare: DM Ritchie Jan 93. "The Development of the C Language" … "The scheme of type composition adopted by C owes considerable debt to Algol 68, although it did not, perhaps, emerge in a form that Algol's adherents would approve of."

  3. Heezo's comment was not asking about the history but was pointing out that "Grace Hopper" sounds like Grasshopper (a bug) and thought it was funny that the person's name who discovered bugs sounds like a bug.

  4. I love it, a great talk. Just a couple of nits: The 6502 status register was P not F. Thompson invented B, Ritchie invented C. In the beginning -to program the original Mac- we used Pascal not assembler: Think/LightSpeed Pascal™. Later on we had Apple's MPW and others (Borland). And of course we also had the preceptive, crappy as always, Microsoft Basic.

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