Create Password protected HTML page in Website

This Video will explain how to Create password protected HTML page in Website. # Passwords can be viewed in page source, so encrypt the code as many …


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  1. Rajan Hello…I've incorporated your scrip into a page and I have two questions  1) after entering the password in chrome there is an option to Prevent this page from creating additional dialog.  Can this option be removed so the password always has to be entered.  2) I'm also looking at encrypting the pages how easy is that, I'm a novice html writer.  Thank you. 

  2. hello friend,

                        i am from tamilnadu. i need one big help. i need your contact details pls. my contact number 9597587794. how do i create password protect dvd?then its work dvd player also? pls help me. am waiting your contact details

  3. +Shanmuka Rajan : How do u Synchronize this html code to a particular website

    For eg:If this code is made to make youtube password protected.What shall I do after saving the code
    Thanks for the cooperation 😀

  4. This is incomplete… you'll need to add the following directly after the

    "if (password==pass1)"

    Add that directly before the else statement/after the if statement.
    That'll let you redirect them if they're wrong, and direct them where you intend to go if you have the correct password.

  5. Hi Shanmuka, I know your script has been here for some time but I have just found it. I wonder if you could help a little further, 2 questions: 1. can you lose the white background of the sign-in page and pretty it up a bit. 2. can you enclose this script in a php code block on the page you want to protect, rename the page whatever.php so that the source code is hidden. Thanks

  6. this is the most ridiculous way to "protect" your web page… just by looking into the source HTML code you can see the password hardcoded.. :S not safe at all.

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