Who or What is Codango Labs?

It is the offspring of both Codango, the classic web and database development Internet-based resource sharing platform, and my personal consulting practice from as far back as 1999.

In addition to maintaining and supporting Codango, there are a few other brands that I own and maintain:

  • PlusCaptcha – quite possibly the coolest CAPTCHA on the planet!
  • SecureMessage.US – when it really needs to be safe and secure.
  • – shedding unwanted pounds from your long, frumpy URLs.

…but I also provide a myriad of other services to my clients, including – but not limited to:

  • Internet Services consulting, such as domain names, web hosting, and email services
  • Web site and web application development
  • Forensics, detection, and reporting
  • Mobile application development
  • Data and information analysis / forensics
  • Inappropriate or illegal technology activity search and documentation
  • Evidence gathering and preparation / litigation support
  • Intelligence gathering

If you need my help – contact me.