Web Hosting Giant Bluehost Celebrates Their Birthday!

Web hosting giant Bluehost celebrates their birthday! Celebrate with them with this fantastic deal, and switch your web host! As low as $2.65/month! This article is geared towards those that already own a web site, and those that do NOT Continue reading Web Hosting Giant Bluehost Celebrates Their Birthday!

ASP and ASP.NET Intro and Resources

This article was previously and exclusively about maintaining the view state in ASP, hosted by W3Schools.com. Please pardon our update with fresh content. ASP is short for Active Server Pages. It was the first server side scripting language for Microsoft’s Continue reading ASP and ASP.NET Intro and Resources


 Go4hosting “; if (link.description !== undefined) { markup += “”; } markup += “ ” return markup; //]]> } function linkFormatSelection(link) { return link.title; } var currEnteredData = null; jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $(“#autoquery”).select2({ placeholder:”Search for a link”, minimumInputLength:1, ajax:{ url:servername, dataType:’json’, Continue reading Go4hosting

Implementing PlusCaptcha for PHP

Implementing PlusCaptcha for PHP Wait a minute… I thought that PlusCaptcha was for WordPress only! Absolutely not! You can implement PlusCaptcha on ANY PHP Site. Steps: Visit PlusCaptcha.com and Click REGISTER FREE. Once that process is completed, log into your account. Continue reading Implementing PlusCaptcha for PHP