Article Publisher Pro

Managing large dynamic websites has always been a difficult task for several webmasters, we have developed Article Publisher Pro keeping you in mind. By using this system one can easily manage their news and/or articles quite easily. Visit Now!!

Article System

Article System is a content management system (CMS) for creating and management of an online journal (periodical). Article System is written in HTML / PHP using MySQL or PostgreSQL. Visit Now!!


Arrays offer an ideal means for storing, manipulating, sorting, and retrieving the kinds of data sets that programmers spend a lot of time working with. PHP supports the array data type. Visit Now!!

Arrays 101

An array, broken down to its simplest form, is simply a variable that holds variables. It’s kind of like a bunch of houses in a city. The city contains many houses and each house has an address. Visit Now!!

Arrays in PHP: Part 2

When we last discussed arrays, we described how arrays could be used and only deal with indexes based on integer numbers (1,2,3,etc). This week we’ll introduce another type of array — the associative arrays. Visit Now!!

Arrays, HTML, and PHP

Easy, right? Instead of echoing the values, you can insert them into a database or do whatever you need to do. Utilities that create HTML select boxes, multiple select boxes (as shown above), show database results, etc. Visit Now!!