How can remove alert in JS?

Hello I have a javascript code in the html file, that want remove alert. Code: <script> function test() { w =“redir.php?WAIT=1000&URL=”,”WIN1″); = w;“javascript:alert(‘[ WAIT UNTIL SITE STARTS LOADING THEN CLICK OK ]’);[0].location=’data:text/html,<script Continue reading How can remove alert in JS?

getting percentage and adding it back

This is what the json looks like … {“btc_usd”:{“high”:2494.499,”low”:2384.3,”avg”:2439.3995,”vol”:8603797.86016,”vol_cur”:3507.30009,”l ast”:2398.937,”buy”:2402.594,”sell”:2398.937,”updated”:1498874375}} So, your array is [‘btc_usd’][‘xxxxx’] PHP Code: <?php    $url = “”;    $fileGet = file_get_contents($url);    $json = json_decode($fileGet, TRUE);    $last = $json[‘btc_usd’][‘last’];    $premium =