SVG Text on path w/textLength & startOffset attributes

<button id=”action”>Toggle Letters Timeline</button> <svg id=”demo” xmlns=”” viewBox=”0 0 1000 500″> <defs> <path id=”master” d=”M46,393c1.11,0,600.22,0,601.33,0C737.14,391.17,818,317,818,227a165,165,0,0,0-330,0c0,89.22,87.11,161.9,176.28,164.9,1.91.07,329.81.1,331.72.1″ stroke=”#fff” fill=”none” stroke-miterlimit=”10″/> </defs> <rect width=”1000″ height=”500″ fill=”#262626″ rx=”20″ /> <use xlink:href=”#master”… Read the entire article at the source link…

SVG scooped corners and various backgrounds (interactive)

See the Code – See it Full Page – See Details Created for in my [**Scooped Corners in 2018**]( article on CSS-Tricks – check it out, you might learn something new! 😼 Interactive. Should work in all current versions of Continue reading SVG scooped corners and various backgrounds (interactive)