Readability playground

<div mv-app=”readability” mv-bar=”none”> <div class=”controls”> <label>Line length: <input type=”range” property=”lineLength” max=”150″></label> <label>Leading: <input type=”range” property=”lineHeight” min=”0″ max=”2″ step=”.1″></label> <div class=”grid”> Alignment: <div class=”spread”> <label><input type=”radio” property=”align” name=”align” value=”left” checked /> Left</label> <label><input type=”radio” value=”center” name=”align”… Read the entire article at Continue reading Readability playground

Polaroid Effect with CSS

@IMPORT <link href=”” rel=”stylesheet”> * { box-sizing: border-box; } body { font-family: ‘Poor Story’, cursive; background: #bdffbd; } .wrapper { width: 100%; padding: 0 2rem; text-align: center; } .polaroid { background: #fff; padding: 1rem; box-shadow: 0 0.2rem 1.2rem rgba(0,0,0,0.2); } Continue reading Polaroid Effect with CSS