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    Gravity Wars Redux

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve been writing a remake of/homage to a game I last played somewhere around 1990: Gravity Wars.  I gave this personal project a few hours here and there each day, or more usually each evening, slowly resurrecting a little piece …

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    Talk Talk

    If you prefer hearing voice to reading text, I was on a couple of podcasts recently and would like to share; also, I have some live appearances coming up soon. The first podcast is a 16-minute segment on the eHealth Radio Network, talking about designing …

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  • Clicktoread1646

    The Light of Other Days

    Every day or three, I upload another batch of photos to Flickr, trying to work my way through the backlog and get caught up with the present.  This is a habit I enforce inconsistently, because I’m bad at maintaining regular habits even at the best …

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    I have been made aware of the proposal to add the named color beccapurple (equivalent to #663399) to the CSS specification, and also of the debate that surrounds it. I understand the arguments both for and against the proposal, but obviously I am too close …

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    The Web At 25

    The Web is celebrating its 25th anniversary today, taking as its starting point the March 1989 publication of “Information Management: A Proposal”.  I was honored to contribute a small greeting to the Greetings page over at The Web At 25.  Following on that, I wanted …

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  • I need Help to make css responsive

    Hi All I need some help to make css responsive. This is working fine on my wondows OS, Chrome and firefox. But not work fine on MAC OS safari or etc. My site is: – Gallery – | On Golden Pond | Construction and Maintenance …

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    UX Designer Interview: Arun Pattnaik

    Creative. Colorful. Experienced. Skilled. Knowledgable. Fun. Interesting. Passionate. These are all words that aptly describe UX designer, Arun Pattnaik. Visit his website, ArunPattnaik.com, and you can read his personal story of becoming a UX design superhero. In his own words, he shows “the world remarkable …

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    50 Mighty Logo Designs to Power Up 2013

    As its still early in the year we thought we’d turbo-charge your creativity by featuring a collection of 50 mighty logo designs gathered from well known online logo galleries. All are designs that show a display of power and might and vary in tone from …

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  • Empathy and web design

    Although different people assume different things when it comes to design, the fact is that good design is often thought to be decorative and aesthetic. This applies to design in general so web design is no different. We admire beautiful design solutions that are mostly …

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  • 1438427706 Files

    YouTube Video in Flash Quick & Easy!

    In this tutorial I am going to show you how to load YouTube flv stream into your flash application without using the YouTube API. Create a new AS3 FLA and Actionscript File in same directory. Here are mine. First we need to setup the doc …

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