Selenium IDE Demo – Quick Beginner’s Tutorial

Scott Daggett provides a quick demonstration of the Selenium IDE. He shows how to use the IDE to create a simple automation script, edit it, run it, and then … source

I have to distribute this via the Codango Blog… This just in… – I am just finding this resource, believe it or not. To sign up and create a course? Take one? Decisions, decisions! Check it out!

Build Your First SQL Server Reporting Services Report

Are you: a DBA who wants to review the performance data you’ve been collecting in a database? A developer who was handed a stack of business … source

Virtual Process: Codeless software

With Virtual Process, any user can create any operational procedure with no knowledge of programming. What could take a programmer months to program can … source

How Do I Build an App? Interoperability of Devices (Ubiquity Dev Summit, 2016)

Alexey Semenov & Liza Ma discuss how to build simple Android apps for Weave devices. Watch more talks from Ubiquity Dev Summit here: … source